Sunday, 9 September 2018

Quilling Strips/ Cardstock scraps background

Hello Friends,

Its a new month and time for a new challenge over at Happy Little Stampers Challenge Blog and as always the theme is Anything Goes. I recently conducted a workshop for some small kids on quilling and had quite a few strips lying loose creating quite a mess on my table and since I had used quilling strips to decorate the envelopes. 

I decided to use them to cover the entire front of the card in a diagonal pattern, this not only helped me use up the strips but also made a beautiful patterned background on my card.In case you do not have quilling strips this would be a wonderful opportunity to use up any card stock scraps you might have, all you need is a shredded and if that is not available you can cut it using a trimmer and that will also allow you to cut different widths to add even more interest to your background. There are a bunch of other ways you can use this background and I will be sharing some soon in case you are interested..

 Now all that needed doing was use a die -cut to embellish the card. Deciding which die to use was a much easier task as I had this new die-set I got on amazon that had not been used and little did I know I was in for a pleasant surprise as this die had options for making partial die-cuts which was perfectly what I needed to add to my card so I used only the 2 of the dies from the set to cut the design and not the edges and the result was a beautiful die-cut piece with lots of spaces for the background to come through but when I layered them the background still seemed to bright. 

Now I added vellum behind the die-cut which worked just right but I wanted the beautiful background to still be a little bright so trimmed down the die-cut panel to 3 3/4"x 5 1/4 " and pushed it towards the top of the card to form a frame from 3 sides so it looks like the die-cut panel comes all the way from the back of the card.

I was happy and finally added a simple sentiment to the center in Hero Arts umbre ink to finish it off.
Hope I was able to share some new ideas with you and inspired you to get creating and joining us in this months challenge.

Happy Crafting see you all again soon, List of all supplies is mentioned below along with some links f where you can buy them.



  1. great idea to use all your strips on a background the die is beautiful
    wonderful card
    Barb Housner

    1. Thanks so much Barb, its this encouragement that is so heartwarming thank you so much.

  2. All those strips make for a perfect background. I have a heap of them for when I was going to get into quilling. Sigh! It hasn't happened yet. Love the vellum muting the colours but is equally fabulous without. Gorgeous die too Seemaa.

    1. Thanks Ina, so appreciate you stopping by, I used to do quite a bit of quilling but have weaned away in recent times so this was just someting.


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