Sunday, 23 September 2018

DIY Rubber Stamps

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Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. How many of you papercrafters feeI this is a very expensive hobby to have as all the stuff we use is so pricey?
 If you are like me; all about crafting on a budget, I have a series on my youtube channel where we try to make our own craft supplies to use on our projects that will help us save some money and still enjoy our creative journey and satisfy our creative souls. I have some videos already up and this particular one is an extension of the previous one that I made on DIY Stamps -5 ways, this one basically focuses on rubber stamps.
This is a great DIY for all those who want to have matching stamps for all the dies you have or atleast some of them.

So its super easy to make stamps if you already have dies and need some matching stamps. All you need is a rubber sheet that is easily available in kids' supplies stores and is not very expensive, then you need the die that you need the stamp for and just cut the sheet in your desired design using your die and a die-cutting machine, since the thickness is like a cardstock it cut through beautifully with not problems and you will need four such die-cuts to layer on top of each other using a strong glue to create the stamp, However if you are using steel rule die like the sizzix bigz dies then you can stick the layers beforehand and let them dry thoroughly before you cut it that way you will need only 1 pass through the die-cutting machine and also be saved from the hassel of layering the pieces perfectly.


  1. Just Double up your rubber sheet using regular glue.
  2. & 3. Draw or trace your design onto the sheet.
  3. You can use objects, sticker or printed designs to trace.
  4. You can then cut out the image using exacto knife or scissors.
  5. Add another layer onto it to thicken the stamp.

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