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Easy Christmas cards-one sheet wonder-no stamping or die-cutting...

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The holiday season is here and most of us are pretty busy preparing for vacations and celebrations, wrapping gifts, decorating and sending out wishes to our friends and family. If you are someone who wants to whip up a few cards without much effort or without breaking your bank. The one sheet wonder card making technique is something that I have always liked and so here I am sharing a quick and easy way you can get some cards made in no time at all even if you do not have any christmas stamps or dies at all like me.

So first off you can easily create an embellishment and sentiment sheet using canva. Go to and login using your google or facebook id and just search for christmas themed icons and illustrations and select them on your A4 sheet and you can add text using different fonts or design your own custom embellishment and get creative. Once you are happy with your design print it out on a layering cardstock and cut them out or punch them out and layer them with different colours as well. NOTE: If you use a laser printer for your prints you can easily do some foiling too.

Now that you have the embellishments done, we can get our card bases cut. Here I have use 2 different sizes of cards, 4x6 cards and 4x5 1/4 cards, to cut the big card I used a 12x12 inch cardstock and cut it at 4", 8" and fold them in half to get 3 card bases.

Next I took five A4 cardstock sheets, cut them down to 10 1/2". Then at 4" and 8 on the long side and folded them to make 4x51/4" card bases. Made 12 card bases.

For the pattern paper the first cut was at 4". This 4x12" piece was cut into three 4x4 squares.
The second was at 3 3/4" out of the 8x12" pieces which was further cut to 3 1/2" and 7" to get three pieces 2 measuring 3 3/4 x 3 1/2 " and one big piece of 3 3/4"x5".
The last strip measured 4 1/4"x12" that was cut at 2 1/4" lengthwise, then cut at 4", 8" to make strips measuring 2 1/4"x 4"
The final remaining piece of 2x12" was cut down to s3 trips of 4x2"

Card designs:

Cards 1&2

Card 3

Cards 4 &5

Card 6,7,8 & 9

Card 10 &11

and finally card 12:

For the assembly the I will share here the card designs and the you can assemble them however you like using the same or using something else.

The complete supply list is linked below.


pattern paper:
white layerig sheet :
Paper trimmer:
scoring board:
double sided tape:
Glue dots:
satin ribbon:

Hope this was a helpful post and you will enjoy these cards.

Until next time


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