Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to make a Bow-5 ways-No tools needed

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Christmas is around the corner and most of us busy buying presents for our loved ones and friends.If you are one of those people who find wrapping gifts a tedious task, this article might help you as we are going to learn how to make a bow in not just one but five different ways and you can choose any that suits you to tie up your presents beautifully, without using any tools.Here is how!

For the first method, you will need about six inches of ribbon make two loops and cross them over and staple it.Remember you are tying the bow here just stapling it together.

For the second method, you will need about eight to ten inches of ribbon make two loops with both your hands like tying your shoes.Cross them over each other and bring the loop that is behind and put it through the loop that is created by crossing the loop.Rotate both the loops together so that your bow tails are on the same side(that is below the loops) and you have a beautiful bow ready.

For the third way, you will hold the one tail of the ribbon under your thumb and loop the rest of the ribbon around your index and middle finger.Once you bring your ribbon around your middle finger, cross over and go over your previous tail and under the loops and bring it around then take the tail that you are working with; through the loop that you just created when you crossed over the tail that you are holding then pull the knot tight while adjusting it to make a beautiful bow.

the fourth method is exactly like the 3rd one only here you will use two pencils/ dowels instead of your fingers. the steps are exactly the same.

The fifth way is to make a double bow and for this again we will use the pencils/ dowels. You will start the same way that you did the previous one but instead of crossing over the tail you need to go under and around the first dowel and then under and around the second dowel. Now you will go across the tail you are holding and under and between the loops and come around. Finally take the working tail under the loop just created and pull while adjusting the know and you will have a beautiful double bow.

Now before we go I would like to ask you if you would like to know how to make a DIY bow maker to help you make a variety of sizes of bows? Then leave a comment below and I will surely SHARE IT WITH YOU SOON.


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