Friday, 24 November 2017

Coffee Filter Flower-No baking

Hello folks,

Welcome to my Blog. Today I am here to share a fun project with you all that will help you decorate your homes too. We are going to make flowers and recycle some materials in the process too. Now this projects is super satisfying to me as it is something that totally supports my mantra of 'CRAFTING on a BUDGET'. I derive immense satisfaction that as I am recycling without spending too much and also making my home beautiful and I am happy to share this with you all as I am sure that most of us think similarly.

Lately I have seen many people make coffee filter flowers that look amazing and that is where I drew my inspiration from and since I do not find coffee filters here easily and neither did I want to bear that additional cost I decided to make them using some that I already had at home and that is a disposable grocery bag that my neighbourhood grocery store gives me every time I shop there. This material is not all that sturdy and can easily tear after a couple of uses so no guilt there.

Okay so without further ado lets just dig in... here we go..

First cut away all the seams and then fold it such that there are layers then using a round object trace a circle and cut as many circles as you can, here i used a CD as the template.

Next I took a circle, folded it in half and then in half again and again which left me with a conical shape on which I drew a flower shape and using scissors cut it out. Repeat that with all circle pieces.

Open up the cut circles and you get this. This needs to be inked with spray inks or you may even use drawing ink to paint this or dilute some acrylic colours in water and dip your pieces in that take them out and let them dry. Make sure that you add variation of shades to give it a more natural and interesting look.

Layer all the pieces off setting the petals on each layer. Hold them together and make a hole in the centre for wire or pipecleaner or floral stick what ever you may have. Here I had a pipecleaner so i put it through the hole and twisted it to make sure the layers get locked in. Then fold it in half.

Add glue on to one end and then start to roll them towatds the other corner and close the end. Ruffle the petals to where you like the look and you are pretty much done. In case you have used the wire or the pipe cleaner like me you can use floral tape to cover the wire and then set it in a vase.

Hope you enjoy this project as much as i did making and sharing with you. Supplies are list below. the video.

Fabric paper

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