Wednesday, 23 August 2017

UPcycle a simple jar a simple way

Hello Craft people!!

Today I am sharing a very simple Upcycle project that does not take time and can make a wonderful gift for a someone.

Step1: Clean the jar and take out the label (if any). TIP :-in case you get label residue on your bottle, take a piece of paper towel or rag cloth and soak lightly in some oil (any oil) and the rub on the residue, your bottle will be clean in no time.

Step 2: Paint the bottle black, you can use chalk paints without gesso but incase you do not have chalk paints I would suggest a coat of gesso then acrylic paint. (If you are some who like to craft investing in Gesso will be helpful) but in case you not want to buy, you can make your own in no time at all check here

Step 3: Let the paint dry and rub on some wax (use a candle) on the corners and edges if any, 
as this will help in removing paint later. once wax has been applied cover the bottle with a 
light coloured paint here I have used cream. Let it dry

Step 4: Use a sand paper to scrape on areas where you applied wax ealier... this will remove 
the paint and give the bottle a aged look

Step 5: Now if you are good at drawing draw something whimsical on the bottle with a fine 
liner permanent and water -proof marker or if you have stamps then use archival ink/ stazon 
ink to stamp on the bottle like I have done here.

Step 6: Varnish the piece. It takes about 3 coats of varnish to make it water proof.

Finally add jute twine to the neck and attach a tag(optional)

You can now add a plant, or cookies or even candies in your jar to gift or keep it in your 
Until next time Happy Crafting!!


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