Wednesday, 26 July 2017

DIY embossing buddy super easy

Hello friends,

I have been doing a video series on my you tube channel that talks about making craft supplies at home. Now not everything cannot be made at home but there are certain things that you can definitely find solutions for around the house and it will cost you next to nothing. I love to find such things to do as then i can slurge on things that i really need. This week we are doing the DIY Embossing buddy!!
Most paper crafters and especially card makers do a lot of heat embossing and thus want their heat embossing to be as crisp as possible with least amount of stress and fuss. To this purpose the embossing buddy or the powder tool comes super handy as it removes any static and prepared the surface to be embossed such that the embossing powder shall stick only to areas where there is stamped image and not all over the surface.

We shall be making a similar tool that will only take you minutes to make and will save you some money, you will not even need any supplies from the market as all you need for this is

an old kid's sock or an old glove (jersey or sock type material)
talcom powder
scissors and
needle and thread.

I you are using kid's sock then you need to cut about a couple of inches away from the toe; in case you are using an old glove cut away a finger from the base.

Fill it in with some powder, use any talcom powder around the house or in case no talcom powder is awailable use some corn starch or baby powder. Do not fill it completely.

Finally using a needle and thread sew the open end shut or seal it with fabric glue if you are not into sewing.

Watch the video for better clarity and understanding of instruction!!

Have a fun day and do let me know if you want me to try something else.

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