Tuesday, 16 May 2017

DIY Textured Paper

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As paper crafters our first love is for papers and as far as I know most of us like to collect papers of various kinds for our stash and I am sure we can always find room for more of it. It is also fun playing with paper and so i would love to share a very simple process that can help you make your own textured paper that can be used for various purposes like stamping, die-cutting, decoupage, gift wrapping or on your mixed media projects as it will give the freedom to choose your own colors and sometimes even the designs. I am sure most of you may be aware of the process may be using it regularly but for those who have not tried it here i will share a video and also a written tutorial.

To begin with you will need either ink sprays or other kinds of shimmer or acrylic sprays. You may try this method even if you do not own spray paints.

In case you do not have spray inks and only have water or acrylic paints you will need to first wet the paper thoroughly and then add the colours... this is pretty controlled way as you can choose exactly how you want to place the colours and how much you want to mix them.

This video tells you how to make a random texture...

The Process:

Wet the paper....You need to make sure that you use a medium weight paper so that it will hold up against the water but preferable not a water colour card stock as this was a bit difficult to crumble as you will see in the example..Also unlike the video here I used water colours, you may use diluted acrylic colours too...

here the paper did not crumble very well...
To get a very specific patter i used slanted fan fold pressed and opened it and repeated from the other direction to get diamond grid.

I hope like this and will give it a try or if you have any other ways to add texture to paper please do leave in the comments as i love to hear from you ....

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