Friday, 12 May 2017

Acrylics with rubbing Alcohol-background or abstract art

Hello friends,

We crafty people are always looking for new ways to add effects on our art especially techniches to creating interesting backgrounds. Today I am here to share one such technique with that not only gives interesting effects but also can be used as an abstract art piece by itself. You will not need many supplies for this is a very simple technique...using rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit that is available in most medical stores.

So to prepare your canvas or surface you need to apply a coat of Gesso and let it dry completely. ext you will need to get you acrylic paints ....You may choose any colours of your choice even contrasting colours as each colour will be used seperately and every layers needs to dry completely before the next colour is applied... you need to patient while doing this technique but if you like me you may use a heat gun or hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

You will need to dilute your paints or in case you have liquid acrylics on hand you may use those. The paint needs to be diluted to a very fluid consistency and almost transparent; I used 50:50 ratio to dilute my paints.

You can start with the colour of your choice, I started with yellow. once applied you need to be very fast and splatter rubbing alcohol before the paint dries and once that is done wait for the layer to dry before appliyng the next layer of colour. I used orange next and red and blue.

There is another way you may use this technique to create a more controlled effect by using a brush to paint with the alcohol as you can see in the video below....

I hope you will happy to use this technique for your background and will share your experiences with me....

Supplies are :

Acrylic paints / liquid acrylic paints
Rubbing alcohol/ surgical or clinical spirit.

Hope you all have a beautiful day ahead....
Until next time

Happy Crafting...



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