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DIY glitter Sticker that do not rub off !!!

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I am back again with another tutorial on how you can create your own glitter stickers. Glitter is something i do not like to use much as it creates a mess and is difficult to clean or maybe I am the messy one coz no matter how much i try it gets all over the place, my clothes and face too. so i try to avoid using it very often but when i do i like to create a bunch of things for use later too...

Sometime back i had put a tutorial on die cut inlay technique where i had used glitter so i decided to use that same method to create stickers so that i can keep them ready for use later. Here i sharing with you the way i did made the cardstock stickers and also how i made dimensional glitter embellishments to use on projects.

For the cardstock:

I took a piece of scrap cardstock and added regular double sided tape to it on both sides covering the entire piece. You may use 'Stick it sheets' if you have any and they might work better as they are very thin, however i find that the regular double sided tape works okay with the cardstock and is more economical. 

Here you can choose either of the two methods:

1. Remove the backing paper from one side of the cardstock exposing the glue. Add glitter to the entire piece and and tap the extra glitter. Then using a slick sheet like the caking paper or acetate cover the piece and use a bone folder to rub in the glitter firmly into the glue. remove the acetate to see that the glitter is evenly stuck and no glitter is falling off. now use a punch or die to cut out the images or sentiments you want. 

Note: Remember to put the paper through a few times into the die-cutting machine and make sure every layer is cut through before removing the die. 

Carefully remove the the die cut from the glitter cardstock sheet along with the backing paper so that it can be used later but in case u need to use it immediately you just take out the diecut and add it your project.

2. You can choose your dies/ punches and cut the images from the taped cardstock before adding the glitter and once the diecut has been taken out you can then add glitter by removing the top layer to expose the glue. Then follow the same process as done earlier.

We all like to add dimension to our cards and projects for which we add dimensional taper behid our embellishments and stickers. We can also maker our of own dimensional stickers. Now I did try using the first method on the foam as well but the foam gets really squished and may stick to the cutting board . to avoid this you may add a piece of acetate over the foam piece and try.

However i tried to used the second method which turned out much better.


Supplies :

Double sided Tape
craft pick

List of basic Tools :

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