Sunday, 26 February 2017

DIY Foil stickers --No laminator needed!!

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Foil has been very popular in the papercrafting world lately and for a person like me who did not have a lamination machine, it was very difficult to think of adding foil to me projects but i think this method that i am here to share today will help most of you as you need not have any fancy equipment to try this out.

It is a very simple process:

1. Take a piece of thick card stock of any size.
2. Apply double sided tape (the thin tape not the foam tape); on one side of the cardstock and cover that side completely, do not remove the backing paper from the tape.

3 On the other side of the cardstock add some fevistic or semi dry glue or tape runner and apply adhesive on the entire piece; you may also use  liquid glue, but use a piece of thick card to apply it as smoothly as possible and then wait for it to become a little tacky before applying the foil.

4. Till this step the process is same for the laminator as well.
5. Take a sheet of printer paper and fold it such that the foil piece can be kept inside completely.
6. Now you may put it through a laminating machine (if you have one) or apply heat to the piece with a hot iron and

7, You may now use this piece of foiled card stock to cut out diecut using dies or even punch out shapes using craft punch.

Another great method you add that littlle foil touch on card or projects is to use tape like i have done in the example below,

I created a ranibow water colour background on water colour cardstock and then added double sided tape to the background in two different thickness to add interest.

This method does not need any ironing at all , you need to just remove the backing paper and apply the the foil and smoothen it over the glue with a bone folder or some blunt object. You may use iron for this too but do not forget to keep a piece of printer paper on the top of the foil.

This video tutorial is up on my channel on you tube 

Supplies for this project are listed below:

Tape: Local buy,
craft punches

Other basic Tools

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