Sunday, 13 November 2016

DIY Stamps -3 ways

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Continuing on my series of making DIY craft supplies; this time I am tackling stamps. 
What are stamps? as per the dictionary an instrument for stamping a pattern or mark, in particular an engraved or inked block or die. it can also be said as a handheld device for inking and imprinting a message or design on a surface.

Materials used to make stamps are majorly - Rubber and photo polymer. and sometimes foam (here we are going to use foam)
There are varieties of stamps available in the market in beautiful and intricate designs but it is not possible for everyone to have all the stamps at all the times and there may be stamps that you rarely use and spending money on things that you do not use often can sometimes be a waste, so this article is meant to help you understand that you can make your own stamps especially if you will not be using it very often.

The list of supplies is provided below along with links where you may find them. I am sharing 3 ways here but you may have many more and if you do please do share.

1. Craft Punches:- These are available with most papercrafters in various designs and i find them apt to use to create small stamps or even a background stamp as a lot of punches cut outs can be stuck on a base to create a background.

2. Dies: If you have a variety of dies you can use them to create coordinating stamps. The craft foam is easily cut using dies and the edges are also very clean and this method can make very detailed and precise stamps.

3. Printed Images: In case of stencils we used images from the net to download and create stencils and this is true for stamps too. Search the web for images you need and download and save that image. Next take a print out of the image and stick it on the foam. Cut out the image and its details using scissors and /or  craft knife as per your convenience; back it up on another piece of cling foam or craft  foam and you are ready to use your stamp.

Lastly i would like to say that you can use cling foam that is also available in the market for ease of stamping as cling foam adheres to acrylic blocks very easily.

I hope you enjoyed this and will try it too... 
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