Friday, 18 November 2016

DIY Hand stamped candles

Hello friends,

This is a season of festivities and gifts, and most people are getting ready for Christmas and handmade gifts are always more special as they carry the love of the individual making them. I hope this idea will give you another good  idea to try.

You will need:

Tissue paper
ink pads
stamping block
Butter paper/ wax paper
Card stock
scoring board
scoring tool

1- Cut the tissue paper to the size of the candle and long enough to wrap around once.
2- Stamp the tissue paper with the stamp and ink of your choice in a design you like.

3- Wrap the tissue paper around the candle so that there are no creases, then use a butter paper to          wrap around the candle and apply heat to melt te wax so that the tissue sticks to the candle.

4- Make sure that the tissue is stuck in the candle properly.
5- Create a box to pack the candle.

Until next time Happy Crafting!!


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