Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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Hello Friends,
I recently got to know about this Blog Hop to Stop domestic violence  through Dr. Sonia SV blog  and it touched my heart as i have been witness to it and seen how damaging it can be....
This card is made in honour of a friend who fought Domestic violence and came up on top!!!

SO a little back story- I was very excited to have shifted to Pune after my wedding as I had a very good friend who was staying there with her long time boyfriend who was now her husband of 1year. We all met and had a great time. After the first meeting everytime i called my friend to meet up she would give me some reason why she couldn't make it....a few months later i got a call from her mother asking her to go to her place urgently as she was in trouble... i knew the general area where lived but did not have the exact address...however i wet and was searching the address when i saw someone who had fallen on the road and was trying to get up i went to help and was horrifies to see my friend covered in bruises and blood oozing out from her left ear! for a few min she froze but when she recognized me burst into a shriek and passed out...

For the next few minutes i was on an automated mode as i tooks help from a passerby and helped her into my car and took her to the hospital....they took her in emergency and then i called her mum and informed her of what had happened though i did not have the full story then...but ..She was in hospital for 3 days and for the first two days when i stayed with her she used get up in the middle of the night screaming...and could hardly hear for the first few days however no permanent damage had been done...atleast not physically....

OK....present day... I am happy to say that my friend is doing well..., has a good career a group of friends where she is a star... and though the scar of the past have faded away they haven't healed for an array into another relationship but overall she is happy and content with her life in comparison....

So that is my friend and a person who make a place just by being there with her funny side...:-)

 I hope i have not bored or upset you with my long post but hers is a story that needs to be shared with people sho need to believe that things can change and be better for them and that they should keep faith and courage as their armour always.....

Not writing much about the card just a few pics and supply this is loong enough...

Supplies Used
Card stock- white
Flourish die
Butterfly Die
Faber Castell Markers
White Glue- Fevicol
Double sided foam tape

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  1. Oh what a horrible experience it must have been and so lucky you were there for her. Your story touches my heart Seemaa and your card is simply fabulous ...the flowers look poignantly sweet against the beautiful background
    Dr Sonia

    1. Yes it is was horrible and i was shaken to see her like that but I am really proud of her and how she has fought back.....Thankyou for your support really appreciate it..

  2. That brought tears to my eyes..what a horrifying experience...But this is the truth behind so many doors of our modern society..glad she had the courage to
    overcome the past..and the card is really pretty..beautiful bg and lovely florishes...

    1. Thankyou So much Richa,, yes I am proud of her and her family who helped her get out of it!!!

  3. Such a pretty card. Thanks for joining us for Mojo Monday!


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