Thursday, 13 October 2016

Envelope Punch Board- House

Hello Friends

I am back with a new tutorial using the WeR Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. This time we will be making a house and just like the flowers this is also super easy to do.

You can use any size paper for this as once you understand the process it becomes very easy to adjust the size and so it would depend on what size house you want and measurements may vary.

Here I used an A4 size paper (8.25'x 11.7"). Any size house you want to make you need to add 0.5inch to the longer side

Then you will go ahead and score at 2.25", 5.5" 7.75" and finally at 11".

Turn the paper so that the shorter size is on the top the score at 2.25"

Next take the EPB and line up your paper with the 1.2 " (1 1/8th) where the shorter sides are then punch and score till it meets the other score line on the paper.

Flip the the paper and score on the other side of the last score. (see video)

Fold all the score lines.

Cut upto the first score line from all the edges on the scored line.

Remove the smallest two rectangular pieces and apply glue on the tab and fold the paper to make box shape.

Next fold in the diagonal tabs and adhere the larger flaps onto the smaller tabs.

Take another piece of paper measuring 4"x4.5" and score at 2.25 " on the 4.5" side.

Adhere it to the top to make the roof and then embellish as you wish to do.


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    1. Thank you so much Dr. Sonia... your encouragement is really motivating!!


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