Saturday, 22 October 2016

DIY Stencils:- 5 ways

Hello Friends,

As crafters we are always buying and using more and more supplies but there are many supplies that we can create ourselves and save money to buy things that we cannot such thing is Stencils. They come in variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Stencil are also used in many ways by paper crafters and artists and are used for various techniques, with many materials to enhance out projects.

I am sure many of you must me making and using your own stencils too... I am sharing the ways i use make my stencils here.


1:- Use punches: most paper crafters have a variety of punches in their stash that they use for various purposes. you can use the same punches to punch out designs and use the negative space as stencils.

2: Printed images: You can search the internet to search various types of silhouette images that can be use to create stencils. once you have chosen the images save them on your computer/ or device and then print them out. Now tape your trasparent file folder pieces and tape it down, you may aalso use temporary adhesive then once you decide which areas you want to cut out, you can use a craft knife or scissors to cut and create your stencils

3 Use Stencil templates rulers: there are various types of rules that have designs already cut into them or maybe a quilling board that does not have cork board backing can be used to create or tacee patterns and cut out to use as stencils.

4 Dies : If you have many inttricate dies you may use the negative space to create or use as a stencil

5: Chipboard cut outs: these can also be used to trace designs and cut out to make stencils.

6: Freehand : You can freehand a design and cut around it to crate you stencils

So these were a few ways i create my stencils. Hope you enjoyed this post and i was able to give you some ideas to make your own stencils and save some money.


  1. Great ideas Seema...will surely save some of the money..😊😊


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