Saturday, 29 October 2016

DIY Heat Embossing Pen

Hello Friends,

I am back with series on how to DIY craft supplies. In this edition of this series I will share about a heat embossing pen. For those who are not familiar with heat embossing- it is a very popular technique in card making that used 3 major supplies- a stamp of choice, a heat gun, an embossing powder.

If you are not familiar with these terms; here a little brief on each of the supplies

Stamps : these are basically small pieces of clear polymer or rubber that have designs either carved or engraved on them and when they are pressed onto any surface they leave an impression of the design on the surface. Now if these are first dipped or pressed onto an ink pad before a surface and then pressed on the surface they transfer the design very much like block printing where use of wooden stamps is more popular.

Heat Gun: As the name suggests this tools emits heat and not just hot air like in case of hair drier. It usually works on electricity.

Embossing powder: If we break up this term we get emboss and powder. Emboss means to carve or stamps a design on surface so that it stands out in relief; in simple words it make a design or shape stand out on a surface and give a raised feel to the design. there are two main methods for embossing one is dry embossing- where it a design is pressed on to a surface from the back so that it gets carved on the front. the  next is heat embossing where a surface is first inked with a design (usually using a watermark ink like versamark) and then while its wet a powder is sprinkled on it, heated then the powder melts and the surface of the design gets raised. This is where the embossing powder comes into play.

Now for the real stuff- today I want to share how you can make your own embossing pen, It comes in very handy if you like to doodle or write some special note that needs to be heat embossed.

Supplies are very simple you need:
1 vermark re-inker
1 dried up felt pen
embossing powder

Take any old and dried up felt tip pen, open it from the back and take out the cartridge inside and was it out competely till all the dried pigment out under running water squeeze out all the water and let dry. Wash the tip under running water and also the shell of the pen so that there is no colour left in the tip or around it.

Once the cartridge is dry start dropping in versamark ink drop by drop and let is absorb into the cartridge. repeat a few times.

add some versamark ink to the tip too and let it absorb once the ink has absorbed put the cartridge back into the shell and put the cover on,
Your embossing pen is ready, test it and if needed add some more ink and let it absorb.

I hope you try it and enjoy the freedom to heat emboss your hand written sentiments.



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