Sunday, 25 September 2016

My first SWAP- BOOKMARKS !!!

Hello Friends,

This post comes a lot later than I had planned it for I am Glad that I am finally doing it. So first things first, if you are not familiar with what a SWAP or SWOP is; it basically means that a group of people or even two people, in this case crafters decide on a theme and then make goodies based on those theme and at the end exchange them. It is loads of fun and it also helps you grow as you get to see how your partner has interpreted the theme and worked on it, you also get to learn a lot of techniques etc from fellow crafters.

Now a crafters community group called Indian Craft Room or ICR organizes this Swap where you can participate. ICR decides the theme and guidelines for the month and if you have to let them know about your willingness to participate by the 25th of every month preceding the Swap. Then once you get the confirmation that you have been listed you will create keeping within the guidelines and then once you receive the name and address of your partner you will pack and send the goodies. Now since this is a big group it is not necessary that you will receive from the person you send out to but believe me its great fun and you get to interact with talented crafters.

I participated in the August Swap for which the theme was BOOKMARKS, and we had to make 8 of them using different materials. I received my set of bookmarks from a very talented Lady Uma Iyer. These are fab creations she sent me and i would like to take this opportunity to thank her.

I am so happy that I participated in this Swap and got to receive these amazing bookmarks and i have learned that you do not need many supplies to create just a little imagination.

So if you guys are excited and would like to participate in a Swap please go to the ICR bog and become a member and you woud have a wonderful time there as there is lots more to be learnt and loads of talented people to meet.

Linking here to the ICR blog :-  .hope to see you there soon.

If you liked the bookmarks and would like to know how to create them please feel free to leave me a comment or head to Uma's blog and ask her.

Until next time happy crafting!!


  1. Beautiful bookmarks Seema..loved them all..☺☺

    1. Thanx Richa, really appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Those are such beautiful pieces to treasure share or use up.... Crafted to be Neat & Crisp! And happy u have received a swop to sync well into your craft swapped out :)

    1. Thank you Ash, Really appreciate you stopping by and thanx to ICR that i got this opportunity


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