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Envelope punch board Flowers

Hello friends,

Recently I bought the We R Memory Keepers Envelope punch board and its something that I have been planning to buy for some time now, so super happy to have finally got it. Its a wonderful tool to have and have versatile uses. You can make envelopes in practically every size and also use it to make boxes for small gifts and favour boxes, you can use it to make bows in different sizes and styles, I was inspired by Dawn's inspirations you tube channel to make Flowers and they turned out pretty nice so sharing my process here with my crafty friends. Hope you will like them and try them too.

Supplies :

Envelope punch board
Cardstock or pattern paper of your choice, you can scrap pieces of paper too
Adhesive, glue dots/ dry adhesive/ tape runner/ hot glue/wet glue
Brads/buttons/ small flowers for center
inks to ink the edges or colour the flowers (optional)

I will link places where you can find the supplies at the end of the post.

You will need 2 pieces measuring 2"x2" and 2 pieces measuring 1"x1".

Next you need to put your first 2inch piece in the punch board and line it up with the 1"mark and punch, repeat this for all the sides and then for the other piece too.

Now with the smaller piece put it in the punch board and try to center it such that its punched in the center then repeat this with all the sides and second piece too.

Take the pieces and curl the petals either inwards or outwards using a pencil or pen

Add glue or adhesive of your choice in the center of one of the larger pieces and place the other lage piece on top offsetting it with the petals below. Repeat the same for the smaller petals 

Add a button or brad to the center, in case using brads it is not necessary to use glue just hols all the layers together and pieces the brads through and fold the tongs to the side to stop it from falling apart.

This is just one way you can also ink the edges, or paint twist the petals, pinch the petals to give it different looks, you can also us the corner rounder at the top of the EPB to round the petals as i have done here.

I hope you liked this and will try it, please let me know if you would be interested in more from me using the envelope punch as i am super excited to experiment with this new tool.

You can buy all the supplies at these places listed below:

Envelope punch board:

Pattern paper/ cardstock

Brads/ Buttons


Hugs to all



  1. Wonderful and to think I have had this board for years and only used for envelopes! THANK YOU FOR THIS TTUTORIAL!

    1. Thankyou for your kind words Diane!

  2. For some reason, when I tried to punch my 1" x 1" paper, I was left with nothing looking like yours. It was just thin points, almost shredded. I want to make your pretty flowers but just can't get the 1" x 1" punched correctly.

    1. hey Cami,
      just mark the center and then hold it there firmly. you should get a neater punch and yes the petals are almost thin so you make 2 of theses and then offset them to form the inner flower. hope this helps...thankyou!!


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