Sunday, 31 July 2016

One sheet wonder: explosion box card

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This a fun project and comes together in almost n time and uses minimum supplies as all you need is a couple of sheets of paper and some very basic tools. I will list the supplies below. So today we are making a One sheet wonder explosion box card !!

Here is the video for the same :

Okay so to start we will a take one sheet of 12x12 double sided pattern paper or you may use just a single sided one if you dont have and create contrast with the card stock colour. 

Step 1: Score the pattern sheet at 4 inches and then at 8 inches. Rotate ninety degrees and repeat.

Step 2: Cut every other score line from the edge to the first intersection.

step3: Now to create the pockets and flaps. For the first flap cut it diagonally so as to create a diagonal pocket.

You may use the piece that is cut out to create a double pocket.

Step 4 : Cut an 11/2 inch off the top of the flap to create a regular pocket. You can use the cut out piece to create gusset for the pocket so it will hols 3x4 tag.

Step 5: The third flap you can fold back on itself 11/2 inch to create a pocket for a tag. I left the las flap as is because i wanted it to be a card.

Step 6: Now to make the lid use a 6 1/8 inch square cardstock in a complementing or contrasting colour which needs to be scored at once inch from all the sides.

Step 7: Cut this piece just like the first one; every other score line from edge to the first intersection. Then glue the cut flaps to the adjacent big flap.

Step 8: The boxis ready, Time to decorate, you may actually use any decorations, buttons , ribbons, stickers, doodling etc. Here are the pictures

I hope you enjoyed this one, learned something too  and will try it soon !! leave some feedback!!!




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