Sunday, 19 June 2016

Quilled Key Chain FUN for kids!!!

hello Crafters!!!

Hope you all have had a wonderful summer and are now ready to welcome the rains!!! we here in Mumbai are praying for them.
This a quilling tutorial and today I am making a quilling key chain, this a simple design and and is fun to make with kids too. This is also a great gift for kids.

I am here with a tutorial for quilling and if you are new to quilling here is a brief description of the basic shapes.

I made this document sometime back as a reference for my students and i hope it is clear enough in case you would like me to do a tutorial on this please leave me a comment and i shall be happy to do so, however i think there is a rich amount of material available online for this art.

So without further ado i shall list down the supplies that you will need.
  • White Glue or any adhesive of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Quilling paper - dark green - 5mm
    • light green- 3mm
    • White        - 5mm
    • White        - 3mm
    • Black        - 5mm
    • Black        - 3mm
  • Jump ring
  • small length of chain
  • Key ring
  • Googly eyes
  • pliers (optional)

Turtle (Method)
  1. Make a cup coil with five lengths of 5mm dark green strips.
  2. Make 6 or 7 tight coils with half strip each in the light green colour. (3mm strips)
  3. Make 4 tight coils from half strip each in the dark green colour. (5mm strips)
  4. Make 1 small cup coil from a full strip of light green (3mm).
  5. Make 1 small cone coil from one and 1/4th of a strip in light green colour.
  6. Make 1 loose coil from 3/4th of a light green 3mm strip.
  7. Make 1 loop coil from half a strip of light green colour.
To make the neck and head use the small cup and cone coil made from the light green colour and stick them together, then press the smaller end of the cone to flatten it.
Now adhere the small light green tight coils made earlier to the big dark green cup coil wchich is the shell of the turtle. Also adhere the small loop coil on the center of the shell on top.

Now let it dry for some time and then adhere the legs as shown

Later when all this is dry adhere the neck as shown

Finally attach the jump ring to the center loop coil and finally to the chain that is attached to the key ring. Add the googly eyes. press the loose coil made earlier into a triangle and add it to the back.

Sheep (Mathod)
  1. Make one cup coil using 4and 3/4 strip in white colour using 5mm strips.
  2. Make one cup coil using 5 strips in white colour 5mm strips.
  3. Make 2 or 3 scroll on the roll(refer basic shapes) from 3 mm white strips.
  4. Make 4 tight coils using half strip of black 5mm.
  5. Make 1 small cup coil using 3/4th of a black strip in 3 mm.
  6. Make a small loop coil from half a strip of white in 3mm.

Adhere the 2 big cup coils to make an oval shape as shown here and add the loop coil in the centre.

Make the scroll on a roll or the beehive coil with 3 strip of white.

Adhere these on the body of the sheep leaving the bottom and the front part of the sheep blank.
Adhere the legs to the bottom black area and the small cup coil in black towards the front of the sheep this is the mouth. Add googly eyes just above the base of the mouth and add the jump ring and key ring.

Your key ring is ready!!!

HOPE you have fun trying this project and if you have any questions or any suggestions please leave me a comment, I would really appreciate your feedback and if you have some more methods to share pleae feel free to do so.


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