Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My First encounter with the Tiger!!!! Childhood

Hello Friends!!!

When I first read about the IQGC challenge for this month:- Childhood!!!, Whoa that brought back a flood of memories and made me wonder which memory shall i take up to do something and then my neighbour's child came over and started describing her safari holiday to my son!!! Overhearing the conversation brought back a very vivid memory of my first visit to the zoo! and my first sight of a living breathing tiger!!! and the dancing bear.........

So it was my winter holidays and we had been to my aunts house for some days and it was always great to spend time with my elder cousins there. So one such morning we went for a picnic to the Lucknow Zoo and that is where for the first time i saw a live tiger or rather tigress with her cubs and was mesmerized by its beauty!!! I stationed myself there for a long time just staring at the fun the cubs had with their mother and how she held them in her mouth without hurting them.....well its a long story of how my elder cousins had fun at my cost by disturbing the animals and how when she charged towards us with fierce eyes i got frozen to the spot( obviously i was saved as there was wire mesh to keep her in), but just that scared me so much that it became the standing joke with my cousins.

So this is where i got the inspiration for what i made. After my scary experience i was then taken to the bears cage to see his antic as he was a trained bear who had been rescued he used to dance on hearing music and his antic had me in splits in a matter of minutes. so this was what i finally decided to do!!!

I will be honest here, i did a search on images for quilled tigers  but could not find any 3d tigers, so i went with images of the tiger from jungle book and came up with this.
I do not have many pictures of the making but, have fun and hope u enjoy this !!!! in case you want me to do a full tutorial leave me a comment. Also your feedback will be highly appreciated.

And here is the bear!!!

I am linking this to the IQCG # 27.


Thankyou for visiting my blog! would really like to know your feedback!! HUGS

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