Tuesday, 3 May 2016

100% Quilled 3d Ganesha 11"x15"

Hello friends,

I have been working on this project for the most part of last week and I was very anxious that i might not be able to do it right this time around. Actually i have made a similar project in the past and that was my first big project with 3d quilling and it came out very nice and it turned out to be extremely satisfying however when i was asked to make it again i was afraid that it might not be as good as the last time even though i was better aware as to what would work what not; it made me a little jittery. Finally i said my prayers and sat down to the task at hand.

I had posted my previous Ganesha on my Facebook page (paperpassions) some time ago and many people asked me to post the process. So this time around I decided to click a few pictures to indicate the process  i followed. I would also like to share a few tips that will help you if yiu want to try this or something like this.

First of all I used 15mm strips to make the body parts and 5mm strips of the same colour for the ears. The legs were also made from 15mm strips. Rest most of the accessories were 5mm.

Here in the pic you see 25 mm strips thats because I could not find 15mm in the correct flesh tint colour so had to cut all the strips in half. for this instead of cutting the strips first i glued the strips firast to make a loong strip and then split it into 2 saving time.

To make the trunk is most tricky as it needs to curve so my tips is that it must be done slowly, i.e push the coil as far as it goes easily and the aplly a layer of glue in the inside let it dry for a while but not completely and then push the coil further out, this way there are less chances or the coil unraveling.

The same process was followed for the torso, the hands and the legs (was done in orange 15mm), you may choose colour of choice.

The idol is totally hollow from inside.

Once all the major body parts were done It was time to make the back of the head for which i made another cup coil to fit into the back of the trunk piece 
Now was time to make the chakra for the back of the head and the other parts.

Finally afer hours of small details It was ready

If you have further quesries please feel free to get in touch with on mail or here. Would also be great to hear your feedback. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Oh my goodness. This is an amazing project. You are so talented. And patient ;)

    1. Thanx a lot Maria, appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Such a fabulous creation..

    1. Thanx Shivani really appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Wow fantastic work.... I want to see the back side of the Ganpati... Bcoz I'm going to make this Ganpati ... N it will will be of great help if u would show me the back of ganpati... Can plzz mail me the pic ... rane.apurva28@gmail.com.. thank u


Thankyou for visiting my blog! would really like to know your feedback!! HUGS

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