Saturday, 2 April 2016

DIY Recycled Newspaper to make magazine holder

Hello crafters!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week after the long weekend, well since we are all back to work I thought i wouls make use of my time to make something sso here is my project for today!! It does have pics of the process and i shall try to explain everything step by step but in case there is any confusion please feel free to get in touch with me...I appreciate your support.

So first i used 3 half sheets of newspaper and stuck them on ech other to make them thick and i made 2 pieces like that. (I used the Economic times: dimensions are 21.5" x 13.5"). Applied glue on both side and let it dry for an hour.

Magazine/Newspaper Holder

  • Then took both pieces and scored them on the short side at 2", 6", 16", 18" and cut off the remaining piece. I scored 4" on the long side. 
  • Once all the score line were creased i put the two pieces opposite to each other and stuck them such that 2" score piece overlapped the other piece and we had a hollow sheel which was 4" thick and 9" wide and 13.5" tall. 
  • Cut the all the score lines from side nearest to the 4" score line to the intersection where they cross; so that i had 4 flaps two measuring 4" and two measuring 9". I folded the short flaps in and adhered the long flap overlapping each other making an open box.
Note:  You can refer to any paper bag making tutorial for this, here is a video reference for you


  • Once the box structure was ready i started layering it all over with tissue paper, any piece of scrap paper and other waste paper applying glue under and over every piece (here the glue i used was craft glue diluted with water), you may use any glue of your choice or Mod Podge. 
  • I added a few layer all over and let it dry for a couple of hour,
  • Then i decided to change the shape and cut off the top of the pice at an angle. I did not want to waste the piece i had cut out after all the hard work i had done with the layering so I adhered it the base of the box to add more strength to my structure.

  • Layer some more tissue paper on top and let it dry overnight.
  • Apply coat of white gesso let it dry.
  • Sand lightly with a sand paper to make take away an lumps etc, (you may skip this if you like the texture)

  • Add paint and decorate any way you like, I used acrylic colours Yellow and brown to create a wood panel background. 
  • Once the paint was dry i stamped a wood texture stamp at various places using archival ink to add more texture.

  • Next I cut a vintage looking clock from a magazine and built a stack of books using strips of pattern paper, distress ink and text stamp. I then popped up the stack of books and ondouble sided foam tape.
  • I got the inspiration for this layout from Vicky Papaioannou from clips and cut you can see it here:
  • I made a sketch of coffee mug and cut it it out using my craft knife and coloured it with distress inks.
  • I made some more stacks of books and adhered them to all the sides of the holder but did not pop them up.
  • Lastly I made some white splatters with diluted gesso and a small brush.
  • To finish, the inside was lined with Dark brown paper.


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