Saturday, 27 February 2016

First craft share - 3D quilled Ganesha 19x22 inches

Hello there!! Welcome 

I Have been meaning to write this post for some time but never got around to. Deciding where to start seems to be the most difficult part and so I am a bit wobbly as this is a new world for me. 

I am Seemaa a HR professional by qualification but I am passionate about all things creative. Growing up with a mother who did a lot of sewing and embroidery, i was exposed to the beauty of creating at an early age and that also brought a great sense of respect for all types of handwork. I decided to pursue my passion for creating after the birth of my son and the internet has been a great tool in my learning journey.
I started this blog with the view to create a space for crafters to connect with each other and to share tips and techniques on scrap booking, card making, quilling and other paper crafting ideas. I am fairly new to this and would like to connect with like minded people and learn and share. Please feel free to make constructive comments as it shall help me learn and better myself. 

Here is my first craft share.

Quilled Ganesha

This took me about 15 days,and about 5000 strips to make. Before the actual start i took 3 days to conceptualize as this was my first 3-d model of this size. I made a prototype of about 4 inches to figure out how should it be done. I followed the concept for the trunk and head but when i came to the torso i had to change the design from the prototype...

The next challenge was the ears they were becoming too heavy so i had to cut the strips in half so that they were thinner and used very strong glue to put it together.... Do not have many pics of the making.

Please leave me comment as to what you would like to see next.I shall try to make it.

UPDATE: I have since posted a photo process video and pictures in my post Quilled Ganesha


  1. Amazing Work Seemaa....look forward to seeing more innovatice craft concepts from you...

  2. Beautiful! Needs a lot of patience, but the final product is worth all that!! :)

    1. Thanx a lot Kajal, really appreciate you stopping by


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